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In our Feb monthly meeting, we invite our member Cynthia Chyn to share with us on the topic "Accelerating Digital Transformation Through Cloud", and also the BOL students sponsored by Rui Yin club, Kai-Yan Wang and Jia-Hua Wu, to share with us on the topic "What I've Been through in My College Years" and "Virtual Game-Based Training Materials - Applied to Bridge Inspection Personnel Training".

Cynthia Chyn

Head of Public Policy, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau

Amazon Web Services

【Accelerating Digital Transformation Through Cloud】

Cynthia leads a regional Public Policy team and is a member of AWS global initiatives. Prior to joining AWS, Cynthia was Director of IBM Taiwan Government and Regulatory Affairs. She leads policy advocacy spanning trade, industry verticals, and digital policies engaging with government agencies, international standard setting bodies, associations, and customers.

Prior to dedicated to public affairs for the greater good, Cynthia was multinational IT company business leader and consultant. Her work includes:

  • EY BOST Cloud Computing Office, appointed by Technology Minister without Portfolio to facilitate 6 ministries 10 agencies planning and building first-of-the-kind Government Cloud, working with ministerial leadership to transform government mindset and build Cloud capacity;
  • Wistron Corp. Head of Cloud Computing Application Business, intrapreneur of Wistron's first Cloud business unit, managed software project teams in Taipei, Shanghai, Wuhan and Dalian, and system integration in Zhong Shan;
  • Liteon Technology Marketing and Sales Associate Vice President, achieved historical high US$2.8B business revenue serving global IT brands with 50+ distribution hubs and 3 manufacturing sites in China, Czech, and Mexico; later led M&A transition to Wistron;
  • Institute for Information Industry Deputy Managing Director, led 70+ industry researchers providing consultancy to MNCs, multiple national governments and think tanks, and engaged with trade organizations, WTO and APEC, to promote global ICT trade and investment; and
  • Philips Electronics Asia Pacific Regional Manager, successfully built Philips a leading IT brand in multiple countries in AP, supported manufacturing expansion in China Suzhou, later served as global business strategy planning manager and core team of Philips re-engineering project.

Cynthia is recognized III Best Employee, IBM Value Role Model, and AWS Global Public Policy MVP. She is an active member of under-served youth CSR programs, and an outdoors lady. She speaks Chinese, English, French and German to explore the beauty of cross-cultural interchange.

BOL Student: Kai- Yan Wang

Born in Chiayi, Kai-Yan came to Taipei with his family when he was a child. Being the only child in his family, Kai-Yan is currently studying in Chang Gung University with a double major in the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Department of Medicine. This time, he would like to share with all on his 3-year college experiences.

BOL Student: Jia-Hua Wu

【Virtual Game-Based Training Materials - Applied to Bridge Inspection Personnel Training】

  • School: National Taipei University of Commerce
  • Department: Institute of Information and Decision Sciences
  • Expertise: Deep Learning, Data Analysis
  • Hobbies: Taekwondo, Music

[ Previous Experiences ]

  • Yadong Institute of Technology 2019 Academic Year Graduate Representative
  • 4 Research Papers (Including 3 International Papers)
  • International Exchange Student at UTAR
  • 2017 Taiwan Fertilizer Foundation Outstanding Student Award
  • Yadong Popular Music Club Lead Vocalists

[ Sports Experience ]

  • 2015 Asian Youth National Team
  • 2017 National College Games Taekwondo 1st Place
  • 2019 National College Games Taekwondo 3rd Place
  • First National Gold Medalist in Women's Taekwondo Contest in Yadong Institute of Technology Since Establishment

Come and enjoy the speeches delivered by Cynthia Chyn and our 2 BOL students!


Cynthia Chyn

Head of Public Policy, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau at Amazon Web Services

Jia-Hua Wu

Student at National Taipei University of Commerce


Regent Taipei 晶華飯店 4樓貴賓廳
Taipei City, Taiwan

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